Read & Learn Who We Are

Read & Learn Who We Are

Welcome to IPOKRATE, a platform designed to connect medical doctors worldwide, providing them with a virtual network where they interact with peers based on clinical interest and medical specialization.

IPOKRATE transcends cultural differences by breaking through geographic boundaries and language barriers.

Our slogan “Connecting Doctors” embodies IPOKRATE’S spirit and philosophy to link millions of Medical Doctors. Our objective to promote ideas and innovation from around the globe in order to serve our patients and the medical community at large.

IPOKRATE’S vision was born in depth to transform the educational culture of the medical community by creating an interconnected and virtual ‘family of doctors’ where professional dialogue is on-going and accessible at any time simply by your smartphone.

IPOKRATE’S objective is to create the ‘Worldwide Medical Professional Network’, to support doctors and empower them by placing at their fingertips, the means for greater efficiency and productivity.

The tenets of our beliefs are represented by the five E’s: “Education, Engagement, Ethics, Exchange, & Expertise”.

IPOKRATE knowing it was established in 2018, inspired by the idea that most medical doctors are too busy and have limited opportunities to interact with the medical community outside of traveling to far-off conferences.

IPOKRATE was specifically designed to satisfy your concern and curiosity by bringing an infinite repository of knowledge and experience to you.