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We think we know everything and have learned everything but every day brings its share of surprises. Every day is a new day and simple ideas, tips, and tricks can sometimes improve the way we do things and how we serve and treat our patients. As we immerse ourselves in our patients’ care, we miss out on continually obtaining relevant and accurate medical news. Instead, we rely on sporadic enrichment through didactic educational activities in the form of conferences or grand rounds. In only a few minutes, the "IPOKRATE Blog" will do this for you. Stay connected and get into the habit and you will find yourself constantly enriched by the on-going posts and discussions taking place around the world.


Ipokrate is celebrating the Non-Governmental Organization’s day to inspire people to become more actively involved and encourage a greater symbiosis between NGO’s and both the public and private sectors. The universal concept of the World NGO Day is Celebrate, Commemorate and Collaborate the various NGOs around the world, and the people behind them.
International Mother Language Day is a worldwide annual observance day to promote the preservation and protection of all languages spoken by people of all the world. Ipokrate is celebrating this day to raise awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism.
World Day of Social Justice is an international day recognizing the need to promote social justice, which includes efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion, gender equality, unemployment, human rights, and social protections. Ipokrate is celebrating this day to spread awareness about social justice and equality, and to urge people to know their rights and duties in society.
Every year, approximately 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer, and many more remain unreported due to a lack of registries in a large number of countries. With access to quality care, more than 80% of children with cancer can survive. Ipokrate is celebrating this day to raise awareness about childhood cancer and to improve knowledge about diagnostic and treatment.
Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 at Shrewsbury, England to become a biologist, naturalist and geologist, known for his theory of evolution, Origin of Species and The Descent of Man. IPOKRATE is inviting you to commemorate the birth anniversary of Charles Darwin and his significant contributions in the field of science and humanity, to inspire people all over the world and to reflect the importance of the scientific thinking, works, curiosity to find new things, hunger for truth, education, and human well-being.
According to a UN study from 14 countries, the probability for female students graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in science is 18%, while the male equivalent is 37%. The United Nations have proclaimed February 11 the International Day of Women and Girls in Science aiming to ensure full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls. Ipokrate is celebrating this day to urge greater investments in science, and education for all women as well as opportunities for their careers and longer-term professional advancement.
Ipokrate is honoring those born with heart defect and all their families and friends by celebrating the Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week. One over 100 are born with CHD every year in the United States, and over 1.4 million adults are living with it. Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week is encouraging people to learn more about this condition, and to better contribute on its prevention.
Female Genital Mutilation is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights, and integrity of girls and women. It is particularly practiced in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. UNICEF estimated that, in 2016, 200 million women living today in 30 countries have undergone this procedure.
In 2019, an estimated 9.6 million people worldwide died from Cancer, making it the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases. Nearly everyone knows or has lost someone dear from Cancer. Ipokrate is celebrating the World Cancer Day to help raising Cancer awareness and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. Because together we can continue to transform Cancer from deadly to treatable, and from treatable to preventable.
World Interfaith Harmony Week is a UN resolution for a worldwide week of interfaith harmony proposed in 2010 by King Abdullah II and Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan. The World Interfaith Harmony Week falls in the first week of February of every year and aims to promote harmony between all people regardless of their faith.
February 2nd is the Rheumatoid Awareness day specifically celebrated to raise the consequences can have such a disease on the life of affected people. About 1% of the American population lives with this condition, 70% of them are women according to Arthritis Foundation. IPOKRATE is celebrating this day to help raise awareness for all the people whose functions are impaired daily by this chronic disease.
Aspergillosis affects around 15 million people and kills over 1 million each year. Ipokrate is inviting you today to join us to mark the World Aspergillosis Day. This day is dedicated to focus attention on the disease and to spread awareness about its treatment and prevention.
Effectiveness and efficiency are two traits that could ease the achievement of work in such a way that minimizes time wasted and effort expended. Ipokrate believes and encourages maximizing effectiveness and efficiency for practice, growth and service improvement.
World Leprosy Day is observed internationally every year on the last Sunday of January to increase the public awareness of the Leprosy or Hansen's disease. This date was chosen by French humanitarian Raoul Follereau as a tribute to the life of the Mahatma Gandhi who had compassion for people afflicted with leprosy.
International Day of Education is an annual international observance day held on January 24 and is dedicated to education. On December 3, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming January 24 as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for bringing global peace and sustainable development.
Creativity and innovation are essential for the progress of business and continuity. Ipokrate believes in creativity and innovation as ways to stay up to date, and to provide constantly evolving, cutting edge services.
The Blue Heart Campaign is an international anti- trafficking program started by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC). Established in 1997 the UNODC supported countries in implementing three UN drugs protocols. In 2000 UNODC became the “guardian” of that protocol and assumed the functions of fighting against human trafficking. The blue heart campaign was launched in march 2009 by the Executive Director of the UNODC. The campaign symbol is a blue heart that signifies the sadness of trafficked persons and the cold-heartedness of those who buy, sell and traffic human beings.
All kinds of people benefit from learning about others’ experiences. So why not doctors too? Ipokrate believes in connecting doctors and in giving them the opportunity to communicate, to learn new skills, to acquire new techniques and approaches, and to share their expertise for the benefit of their patients.
Dry January is a public health campaign launched on January 2013 in partnership with Public Health England, urging people to abstain from alcohol for the month of January particularly practiced in the United Kingdom. In January 2014, according to alcohol concern, which initiated the campaign, over 17,000 Britons stopped drinking episodes down and 4% were still not drinking by the following six months.
The National Mentoring Month is a campaign held each January to promote youth mentoring in the United States. It was founded in 2002 and headed by the Harvard school of public health, Mentor, and the Corporation for National and Community Service. January was declared by president "Georges W. Bush" as National Mentoring Month. The declaration has been endorsed by the United States Congress. Participants in the National Mentoring Month campaign include leading non-profit organizations and numerous governors and mayors.
World Braille Day is a international day to celebrate the importance of braille as a means of communication in the full realization of the human rights for blind and visually impaired people. The date for the event was chosen during the United Nations General Assembly to coincide the birthday of Louis Braille, creator of this writing system. The first "World Braille Day' was celebrated on January 4, 2019".