#World Multiple Sclerosis Day#

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The World Voice Day “WVD” is an international annual event held on April 16 and dedicated to the celebration of the phenomenon of voice. The aim is to highlight the enormous value of the voice in people’s daily lives and its implication on the healthy and effective connection between human beings.

World Voice Day brings worldwide awareness to the necessity of preventing voice issues, training the artistic voice, rehabilitating the sick or deviant voice as well as researching the application and function of the voice.

Dedicating a special day to the voice was first launched by the Society of Laryngology & Voice in Brazil in 1999. A few years later, the President of the European Laryngological Society suggested that the world should celebrate a Voice Day at the international level considering the importance of this sense on the continuity and development of life naturally.

Nowadays, numerous events are organized around the world to sensitize people and professionals about social habits and industrial practices that may have adverse effects on the ability to speak.

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