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Steven Hovius, Joy MacDermid, Geert Buijze, Sarah Ewald, Paul De Buck, Marianne Arner, Michel Boeckstyn


Most things can be solved online today. We communicate, educate and elaborate through smart technical solutions. This is good and effective, but sometimes you just have to meet in person.


Real networking often starts with a cup of coffee by a crowded exhibitor stand. Or when you listen to a presentation by an only vaguely known colleague from just across the waters and find exciting reasons for future research collaborations. Or when you take the only seat left by the table on the Gala dinner and find yourself surrounded by strangers.


Strangers you soon find are witty and experienced colleagues struggling with the same clinical problems that you are.


Hand Surgery in Scandinavia and the Baltic nations is not a large community. It should be easy to have a thriving network. And it has never been easier – just come and meet in Malmö in August 2021 and broaden your local network! The organizing committee for the 28th conference for the Scandinavian Society for Surgery of the Hand is working hard to present an interesting and invigorating program for surgeons and therapists. We will discuss aspects of outcome, a field of growing importance not only in research but in all clinical practice.


There will, of course, be a lot of lectures and free speeches covering most areas of hand surgery, interactive sessions, and also a manned Poster Walk where you can meet and discuss with the authors. We are also proud to introduce the concept of “presenting your thesis”.


Colleagues who have defended a thesis during 2020-21 will be given the opportunity to enlighten us with their new found wisdom. All this will be held in Malmö, the “City of parks”. A city with beaches and summer vibes. Its vicinity to Copenhagen airport makes it easily accessible.

And promise us not to leave Malmö without having taken some new found friends to share a late-night falafel!