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Medical Articles

Kwang Seog Kim, Hyeok Lee, Jun Ho Choi, Jae Ha Hwang, Sam Yong Lee

Schwannoma, also known as neurilemmoma, is a tumor of the nerve sheath, which most often occurs in the peripheral nerves of the extremities. Schwannoma can be accompanied by symptoms such as pain, paresthesia, and Tinel sign; however, patients can also be asymptomatic. Here, we present the case of a 17-year-old woman who presented with a slowly growing, asymptomatic, postauricular mass that appeared 10 years prior. Ultrasonography was performed, and the mass was thought to be an epidermal inclusion cyst. However, the clinical manifestation during surgery was not correlated to an epidermal inclusion cyst, leading to the suspicion of schwannoma from the posterior branch of the great auricular nerve. After a meticulous dissection, schwannoma was diagnosed based on a permanent section biopsy. Postoperative complications and recurrence were not observed. Schwannoma in the peripheral nerve area of the face is rare. Therefore, an investigation of tumors that occur where the nerve passes using imaging and clinical features is necessary to confirm the diagnosis of schwannoma and to establish suitable treatment methods.

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