#World Multiple Sclerosis Day#


Guillaume DEMEY, Jean-Marie FAYARD, Sébastien LUSTIG, David DEJOUR, Cécile BATAILLER, Alban PINAROLI, Elvire SERVIEN, Mathieu THAUNAT

Blot 1: The painful patella

Modern analysis of the patella
Modern analysis of pain
Consensus 2022: patellar
pain syndrome Postoperative pain
Sagittal positioning anomalies
The painful patella of the athlete: round table (physiotherapist, MDS…)
Tendinopathies & ruptures

Blot 2: The unstable patella

Technical aspects
Focus on different situations: from the first dislocation to complex cases
Management algorithm in 2022: what has evolved
Focus on the astonishment of the quadriceps
Return to sport after instability surgery

Blot 3: Degenerative patella

What medical treatment in 2022?
Cartilaginous solutions
Conservative surgery for osteoarthritis
Patellofemoral prosthesis
Bi-compartmental osteoarthritis

Blot 4: The prosthetic patella

Wouldn't the prosthetic design be the main factor?
Influence of surgical technique
Contribution of new
Patella technologies and alignment
Prevention & treatment of complications