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Roger badet, Christophe TROJANI, Jean-Marc PUCH

Hip : 90 mn JM Puch

1) The challenges of bipedalism: P Mertl (10 min)
2) The first approach: Is it really important? P Massin (10 min)
3) Looking for the ideal implant?
To. Is this a big problem? D Mainard (10 min)
b. Is it a drawing problem? B Boyer (10 min)
c. Is it a couple problem? P Martz (10 min
4) And the operating strategy in all this? F Bonnomet (10 min)

Knee : 90 mn R Badet


1) Stability and mobility: the prosthetic challenge (unstable knee and tight knee) (biomechanics and history) S Boisgard (10 min)
2) Influence of the prosthetic model G Pasquier (10 min)
3) Operative strategies
a. Ligament balance: R Badet (7 min)
b. Deformations and alignments: S Lustig (7 min)
c. Wear and defects: S Putman (7 min)
4) The robot portrait of the unstable prosthesis M Bonnin (10 min)
5) “The tight knee” F Rémy (10 min)