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Drs. Khaled Othman, Muqdad Al-Hammadi, Yasser Elassiuty, Najla Taher, Christen Youssef

The conference aims to aggregate clinicians, researchers, academicians, and scientists from the Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery community to create an avenue towards booming exchange of knowledge and information on technological advances in dermatology and Aesthetics. The three-day program is designed to deliver insight, updates and practical learning on all aspects of skin diseases across a broad range of sessions, hands-on workshops and live demonstrations for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and related professions looking forward to provide outstanding patient care.

 All aspects of Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetics, Laster Technology and Anti-aging including new advancement and developments, clinical applications, controversies, and others will be explored by the field pioneers, In addition to, multiple comprehensive live courses, clinical cases, hands-on workshops and satellite symposia.