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We propose the “R” within the ICRS as our main topics: Repair, Regenerate, Restore, Replace, Rehabilitate, Research, Review, Redefine, Rethink will be the bullet points of our meeting. After many years of increasing our knowledge and insights into cartilage repair and joint preservation, we have to go back on one hand to critically analyse and learn from our successes and failures in regeneration and repair and to rethink what happened. On the other hand, we have to rethink our impact on the health system in light of digitalization, transdisciplinary approaches, and globalization. The goal is to redefine our processes and technology in the context of a more complex translational approach and unite our efforts in research and clinic to really move forward. But also, side-effects of those trends connected to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, as well as fake news and social media, and new regulations like the medical device regulations are challenges to be addressed.