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Submit your abstract before July 11 for the chance to have your research, personal experiences, and tried-and-true techniques shown at the World Congress.The highest scored abstracts for live participants will be placed in oral free communication sessions.

  • Breast Augmentation - A Journey from Fake to Natural - I and II
  • Non or Minimally Invasive - What Really Works
  • How the Hemostatic Net Revolutionizes Face-Lift Surgery
  • Full Day Live Surgeries | SOS Symposium
  • Transgender Surgery: Staging the Procedures
  • Baldness: STRIPO, FUE, PRP or What?
  • Hybrid Breast Augmentation: Creating or Solving Problems?
  • Regenerative Medicine: Turning Back the Clock of Aging
  • ISAPS Business School and Marketing: Teamwork and Social Media