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Miami Cosmetic Surgery and the leading event group Informa Markets are very proud to announce the second Miami Cosmetic Surgery show, coming to the Miami Beach Convention Center Aug. 26-28, 2021, under the Scientific Direction of Dr. Steven Dayan.


As part of Miami Cosmetic Surgery and AMWC Global Series of Medical Aesthetic Events including: AMWC Monaco, AMWC Latin America, AMWC Brazil and FACE London - Miami Cosmetic Surgery will deliver the highest quality international and domestic event ever to hit the United States.


Miami Cosmetic Surgery will feature dynamic lectures delivered by prominent core experts at the forefront of the industry. These include the fields of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Oculoplastic Surgery and more.

The event is projected to host 150 exhibiting companies with over 1,000 medical professionals in attendance, hailing from the most prominent epicenters of cosmetic surgery & aesthetic dermatology worldwide.