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Hazem Assi, Jean El Cheikh, Kamal El Rabih

The forum is an initiative to unite the diverse research and business communities working in this field under one roof to explore different aspects of immuno-oncology;  bundled in one platform for all the oncologists, hematologists, research scholars and students to exchange their knowledge. From Breast, Lung, GI, Prostate, Ovarian to Malignant Hematology, the program will cover the most effective initiatives and best practices across the full spectrum of cancer treatment.


  • Describe selection of candidate patients for immunotherapy
  • Designing road maps for therapy and treatment plans
  • Define best modalities of combined or single agent immunotherapies for defined conditions
  • Evaluate variability and benefits versus disadvantages of immunotherapy aspects compared to other treatment approaches
  • Investigate side effects and toxicities related to immunotherapies  and discuss recovery modalities and control strategies
  • Create a platform of collaboration between different disciplines for the