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Prof. Afsaneh Alavi, Prof. Dieter Maye, Prof.R. Gary Sibbald, Prof.Michael Stacey, Dr.Elizabeth Ayello, Prof.Harikrishna, Dr.Linda Haskins

We have planned a wide-ranging scientific program with distinguished experts from around the world to make this a remarkable journey of knowledge. Our theme is “Global Healing. Changing Lives".


This was developed in a unique manner that serves for both WUWHS 2020 & 2021 congresses themes and to solidify the entire wound care enthusiast to share their practice to build new trends and enhance clinical practice.


One of the precise objectives of WUWHS 2022 is to promote in a greater collaboration and cooperation of all the Scientific Wound Care Societies around the world who have passion in caring wounds as their main mission.

In addition, it serves as guide to develop and implement projects to strengthen the central role of the WUWHS which needs to become more of a worldwide scientific point of reference and a standard for innovation and translational research into the management of skin wounds together with the improvement of the quality of life of afflicted patients and their families.