# World Vitiligo Day #

Events / Webinar

Albert Losken, James D. Namnoum, Amy Alderman, L. Franklyn Elliott, M. Bradley Calobrace, Grant Carlson, Mark Clemens

• Enhance and expand surgical technique in cases such as composite breast augmentation, delayed autologous latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction, and nipple-sparing mastectomy with nerve preservation and grafting,

• Identify tips to improve various nipple techniques,
• Assess advantages of autologous breast reconstruction,
• Review prepectoral reconstruction techniques when utilizing implants, expanders and ADM,
• Discuss alternative ideas in breast reconstruction surgery,
• Update on BIA-ALCL, the role of textured implants, and optimizing outcomes,
• Improve the strategies in management of breast augmentation and mastopexy to maximize results and minimize complications,
• Discuss strategies to limit implant problems related to breast augmentation,
• Debate and discuss controversies in breast surgery,
• Review current techniques of breast reduction and mastopexy to improve outcomes,
• Discuss long-term effects and safety of the oncoplastic breast surgery patient,
• Identify strategies to improve outcomes of difficult breast surgery problems.