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Events / Webinar

- Preservation and reconstruction of facial nerve in neurosurgery

Treatment strategy of petroclival meningioma in the new millenium & our results

History of skull base reconstruction in transsphenoidal surgery

-Trend in skull-base neurosurgery “Transformation from complex signature to simple tailored approach”

-Trauma of the anterior floor of the base of the skull-TBC

-Posterior fossa meningiomas

-The role of Gamma knife in treatment of skull base tumors

-Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in 21st Century Scotland

Mild TBI in elderly population

Results of the consensus conference on post-traumatic cranioplasty

Subdural drainage duration after burr hole evacuation of chronic subdural haematoma

Management of neurosurgical intensive patients with post traumatic decompressive craniectomy

Contemporary surgical treatment of penetrating brain wound and associated perforating ocular injury sustained by low velocity foreign bodies