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Events / Webinar

G Herzberg, M Burnier

- Biplane radiography for 3D reconstruction of the wrist / Loisel F (Besancon-France)

- New Arthroscopic Description & Classification of TFCC Injuries / G Herzberg, M Burnier (Lyon, France)
- Partial tears of the deep TFCC / Rizzo C (Tokyo, Japan)
- Modified arthroscopic repair tech. for chronic TFCC injury / 1 Y.- Fujio K (Osaka, Japan)
- My preferred technique for TFCC foveal repair / LIU B (Beijing, China)
- My preferred technique for TFCC repair /Atzei A (Treviso, Italy)
- My preferred technique  for reconstruction / Nakamura T (Tokyo, Japan)
- TFCC injury in the paediatric and adolescent population / Ho PC (Hong Kong, China)
- Revision of Failed TFCC repair / Wagner E (Atlanta, USA)
- Clinical cases / Atzei - Fujio - Ho - Loisel - Nakamura - Rizzo C - Wagner
- Industry Session