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Drs. Emanuele Bartoletti, Felice Strollo

A session will be dedicated to the presentation, to be made by various SIME study groups, of reviews on the topics of greatest clinical interest in Aesthetic Medicine, thus providing Participants with new tools of scientific discernment. We all know that only what is published can be considered valid for the growth of our profession.

As usual we will also have a session conducted by foreign guests, to whom we have asked to share with us what has been the technical  approach that in recent years has allowed them to improve their results.

We will also talk about the use of gases in Aesthetic Medicine: in a session that aims at taking stock of the use of traditional gases such as CO2, but also of the ones that are used in other fields such as Ozone, Oxygen, etc..

We will then have a session on the Perfect Smile, in which we will examine all factors that influence the aesthetic medical achievement of a perfect smile; a session on the aesthetics of the glutes, of which much has been said in recent times both from a surgical and aesthetic medical point of view; and finally a session on the global aesthetic approach of the neck.

There will be sessions on Aesthetic Reconstructive Medicine, on Regenerative Medicine with particular attention to PRP which, according to recent publications, has proved to be of great scientific value in the correction and prevention of skin aging, and we will have a session dedicated to the role of the aesthetic physician in the treatment of diabetic ulcers.