Private Practitioner

Private Practitioner

While private practice is rewarding, the clinical and administrative workload on the doctor can severely limit the time available to stay current in an ever-changing scientific and industry-driven clinical landscape.

Become a member of the IPOKRATE community and have the same educational resources available to your university-based colleagues that is essential for you to be able to practice your profession in perfect serenity. 






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On average, 12% of the world’s population is left- handed. Since most of the world is right-handed, they might experience some difficulties as most of the equipment is made for right-handed people. However, the percentage of "lefties" is slowly increasing, and being left-handed is becoming more socially accepted. Ipokrate is supporting left-handed people, by improving the awareness and acceptance of this difference.
Young people have a crucial role to play in society. They refresh and reanimate it by fostering leadership, innovation, education, and peace between nations. Knowing 4.6 billion young people aged 15 to 24 years. Ipokrate is monitoring this day to celebrate the world’s young people and to highlight their importance to our society.