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Humanitarian Missions

Access to healthcare in Ghana has improved dramatically since the introduction of the National Health Insurance Act in 2003. However, the healthcare system in Ghana still faces a number of challenges, particularly in rural areas. The large majority of patients arrive due to illnesses related to poor sanitation.

Malaria is also a huge issue and remains the cause of many deaths and illnesses. In addition, HIV/AIDS continues to harm the lives of so many Ghanaians. Many of the major causes of death and serious illness are avoidable. The work of the healthcare system in Ghana largely centres on treating immediate cases. However, it also extends to educating the local communities in preventative measures.

We offer medical placements for people of all backgrounds. Therefore if you’re a school leaver looking for work experience to boost your university application we can accommodate you. Alternatively, if you’re a nursing/medical student organising an overseas elective placement we also have you covered.

Volunteer opportunities in Ghana provided by PMGY will provide you with a platform. Such a platform that allows for valuable exposure to medicine and healthcare projects within a new culture. For the reason that many of the facilities, procedures and operations you observe will be completely new to you.

More specifically, they will be completely different from how things are done in your home country. As a medical volunteer in Ghana, you will need to schedule your time and skills effectively to make the most out of your project time. This is to ensure you can maximise your exposure and learning opportunities at the project. Should medical volunteers in Ghana wish to consider alternative or additional projects, our medical volunteer abroad project in India is recognised as our leading medical volunteer opportunity.

For the reason that volunteers receive high exposure and involvement across a range of placement and project settings.