# World Pharmacists Day #
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Humanitarian Missions

The Rural Medical Volunteer Program in the Philippines is dedicated to provide medical assistance for the locals, as well as gain perspective on the healthcare situation in the Philippines. Under this project VolSol volunteers get the opportunity to work in under-funded clinics based in the rural areas outside Tacloban City. These are basically rural clinics and face a shortage of manpower and skilled hands. Our volunteers would be required to assist the clinic staff and doctors with regular health care activities. Medical Volunteers can make a significant impact in the lives of the locals by working at the clinic and providing free medical services to them. On the brighter side, volunteers get to perform in a pressure pit, pushing their limits and also gaining practical hands-on knowledge while at it. This is a special medical volunteering opportunity in rural areas wherein volunteers get involved with other public health projects, such as Annual Medical Mission or Annual Medical Check-up for all children enrolled under various social development projects. By volunteering at this site, students embarking on a career in health care will be able to gain valuable experience. Established professionals will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills whilst learning about health care conditions in Philippines. Participants joining this program must be a medical student, nursing student, nurse, doctor or other medical specialists. The project has a minimum participation requirement of 4 weeks.