# World Pharmacists Day #
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Humanitarian Missions

The Medical & Healthcare Volunteer Program in Peru will not only enable you to make some meaningful contribution towards the lives of the people, but it'll also help you to learn more about the healthcare system of the country. Volunteers working in this program make a genuine contribution to staff working within Peru’s health clinics and medical centers. Volunteers mainly work in medical clinics which provide care and treatment to the people residing in the poor and underprivileged areas of Cusco.

Depending on your medical experience and Spanish language skills you may be asked to assist with various procedures such as suturing wounds, giving vaccinations, helping with taking vital signs of patients, being involved in the daily procedures of medical centers, observing or directly providing various sorts of assistance to existing doctors and nurses.

The Health Care Program is particularly suitable for premed and medical students who want to gain valuable clinical experience by working with professionals. All the volunteers in this program work in the capacity of assistants to the doctors and nurses in the placements.