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Nam Jang, Hyun Woo Shin, Junekyu Kim, Kun Chul Yoon

Madelung’s disease (MD) otherwise known as Launois-Bensaude syndrome, multiple symmetrical lipomatosis, or benign symmetric lipomatosis, is a rare disease characterized by abnormal diffuse lipomatosis in proximal upper limbs and neck. Here, we report a rare case of MD. A 66-year-old man presented with massive growth of soft tissues in the cervico-occipital region of more than 2 years duration. Physical examination showed diffuse enlargement of the anterior neck (Madelung’s collar) and three huge humps at the posterior neck. Under a diagnosis of MD, lipectomy via a single anterior transverse incision and liposuction were performed. This rare case report may be helpful for assessing patients with abnormal diffuse lipomatosis in the neck and proximal upper limbs. 

To read the full article:bit.ly/2MPWvyO