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Medical Articles

Theodora Papavasiliou, Stelios Chatzimichail, Valdone Kolaityte, Vasiliki Manou, Simon Filson



Patient preparation for hand surgery often necessitates skin preparation via the use of an assistant to hold the arm to be operated on in mid-air while disinfectant is applied. This study introduces a three-dimensional printed arm stand that decreases dead time during skin preparation, while also enabling the more efficient use of an assistant. The arm stand devices were customized on the anatomy of the patients and then successfully used on patients having general or regional anesthesia. A practical, reusable, and effective three-dimensional printed arm stand has been developed and applied on both adult and pediatric patients. We have found the bespoke device to be beneficial in terms of reducing theater dead time and overall costs, while increasing the efficiency of an upper limb operating theater list. The rapid prototyping cycle afforded by 3D printing renders this technology a valuable tool for developing medical devices with patient-precise dimensions. 


To read the full article: bit.ly/3sfePRR

doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000003249