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Vikram Krishna, Corbin Muetterties, Maggie L. DiNome, Charles Y.Tseng


Lymphazurin 1% (isosulfan blue dye) is the most frequently used blue dye in the United States, and it is commonly used for sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer patients. Although cases of allergic reaction to lymphazurin have been reported in the general surgery literature, to our knowledge, no cases of an adverse reaction to isosulfan blue have been reported in the plastic surgery literature. We describe a case of an intraoperative biphasic anaphylactic reaction to isosulfan blue in a female patient undergoing bilateral mastectomy and immediate bilateral DIEP breast reconstruction. The severity of her anaphylactic reaction required that we stop flap dissection and abort the reconstruction. Although an allergic reaction is uncommon, recognizing the signs of an acute hypersensitivity reaction is critical to good outcomes in these situations. Given the volume of combined breast oncologic and breast reconstruction surgeries and the increasing number of vascularized lymph node transfer and lymphovenous anastomosis performed annually, it is essential for the plastic surgeon to be cognizant of this rare hypersensitivity reaction. 

To read the full article: bit.ly/3bwVxRT

 doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000003075