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Hyoung-Jin Moon, Zhan-Wei Gao, Zhi-Qi Hu, Hang Wang, Xiao-Jun Wang


Beauty standards vary by race and region, which must be accounted for in creating beauty. Chinese have unique features, including a depressed nose, flat midface, and small chin, and have different cosmetic concerns. We performed a consensus study on filler injections based on the Chinese standard of beauty due to a lack of such study.


We organized the YVOIRE Consensus Group, including 5 plastic surgeons. We discussed common problematic areas seen in Chinese and described techniques based on our experience with hyaluronic acid fillers, while considering peer-reviewed articles, followed by multiple consensus-developing sessions. 


Chinese faces are characterized by retruded forehead, chin, and low nasal bridge, with certain features believed to bring good fortune. Therefore, profiles of the forehead, nose, lip, and chin have substantial effects on attractiveness. The demand for cosmetic procedures is high among the young generation who particularly desire nose and chin augmentation. Attractive Chinese facial shapes are characterized by a long, slender facial shape and pointed chin. Lips are narrow and thick. When injecting fillers for Chinese, it is necessary to apply special methods that produce results consistent with these characteristics.


Understanding the concept and demand of beauty depending on race and region is important. Patients should be evaluated before aesthetic procedures. Maintaining hygiene during the procedure is crucial. Moreover, methods for preventing pain are essential. Fillers should be injected into the correct anatomical site and layer to minimize side effects and maximize effectiveness. 

To read the full article: bit.ly/3hQdcVR

doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000003219