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Afshin Fathi

Hand Zone 2 flexor injuries are among the most important tendon lesions and its prognosis is poorer than the other hand zones. Limited incisions prevent multiple skin flaps. The present study aimed to determine the location of palmar flexor tendons using surface anatomical markers to provide a simple and easy guide for hand surgeons assisting them in minimal incisions.
Patients with hand injuries in Zone 2 were taken to the operating room for surgery. The skin and subcutaneous tissue over the flexor tendons sheath were incised. After finding the flexor tendons in the palm, their exact position was located with a blue needle (23G) over the palm crease and marked relative to the finger borders.
Thirty-eight patients with the mean age of 27±3.6 years were operated. Totally, 57 fingers and 38 palms were dissected. The flexor tendons were located under the proximal and distal palm creases between two parallel lines extended from finger borders and mid-axial axis of the fingers. The average distance from finger print to distal palmar crease was 25, 32 and 24 mm for little, ring and long finger, respectively and 32 mm from index finger print to mid palmar crease.
The precise position of flexor tendons can be easily determined in the palm according to surface anatomical markers and plan for limited incisions. 

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