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Medical Articles

Jun Ho Choi, Seung Hyun Kim, Jae Ha Hwang, Kwang Seog Kim, Sam Yong Lee

Mucinous cystadenoma, one of the subtypes of cystadenomas, is a rare benign salivary gland tumor. Most of the cases reported tumors presenting as asymptomatic, slow growing, single masses, primarily occurring in the parotid glands, buccal mucosa, and hard palate. This report describes a case of multiple mucinous cystadenomas that presented as subcutaneous swellings in both cheeks, which were mistaken for a benign subcutaneous tumor. A complete surgical excision was performed through an intraoral incision. There were no recurrences or complications. A diagnosis of mucinous cystadenoma was made by histopathological examination. Mucinous cystadenomas are differentiated from other salivary gland tumors based on the pathological findings. A malignant transformation is also possible. Preoperative imaging cannot identify mucinous cystadenomas because of their small size and atypical features, and needle biopsy has its limitations in such salivary gland tumors. Therefore, accurate diagnosis and treatment through surgical excision become important.

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