#World Multiple Sclerosis Day#

Medical Articles

Sung Ho Yoon, Cha Soo Kim, Jae Wook Oh, Keun Cheol Lee

Schwannomas, which originate from Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system, are slowgrowing and uncommon benign tumors. Most schwannomas (90%) occur in isolation, and multiple occurrences are a characteristic feature of neurofibromas. Schwannomas of the nose and nasal tip are particularly unusual. Although a few cases of schwannomas of the sinusoidal tract and nasal septum have been reported, schwannomas arising from the nasal dorsum area and tip are extremely rare. Sensory abnormalities are also a very rare symptom. We excised a schwannoma on the nasal dorsum through direct incision and a schwannoma on the nasal tip through open rhinoplasty. No postoperative complications involving recurrence, hematoma, or infection occurred. The possibility of neurological changes should be considered in cases of an abnormality in the peripheral nervous system. Schwannoma must be kept in mind as a possible cause of neurological changes localized to a specific dermatome, and should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of a mass on the nose. 

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