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Medical Articles

Martin Luttenberger, Feras Taqatqeh, Adrian Dragu, Olimpiu Bota

Complex injuries of fingers with bone and soft tissue loss often result in amputation. We present here a case of thumb reconstruction in a severely injured thumb with bone and dorsal soft tissue loss. Primarily a radical debridement of devascularized tissue was performed and a spacer was implanted, to ensure tissue decontamination and induce a Masquelet’s bone membrane. After 6 weeks the spacer was replaced with autologous cancellous bone and a pedicled Foucher neurovascular flap was used to augment the soft tissues. Eight months postoperatively the patient showed a great outcome with thumb length preservation, excellent range of motion and aesthetics. This novel technique facilitates finger and especially thumb preservation without the risk of infection. The Masquelet technique can hereby be safely used for reconstruction of finger injuries and the microsurgical flap coverage can be postponed for the secondary procedure, without compromising the bone regeneration.



To read the full article: bit.ly/3bbOWMw

doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000003097