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Medical Articles

Hyokyung Yoo, Gyeonghyeon Doh, Baek Kyu Kim

Osteomas are benign osteogenic neoplasms that usually occur as solitary craniofacial lesions. Multiple osteomas are rare, particularly those that do not occur as part of an associated syndrome. We report a case of a 72-year-old woman who presented with multiple bony protrusions over the forehead and scalp. She denied any diagnosis of syndromes that are known to be associated with osteomas. Surgical excision was performed by endoscopically resecting more than 30 osteomas of the frontal and bilateral parietal bones. Compared with conventional surgical excision through a direct incision, endoscopic-assisted surgery is a simple and effective method for the treatment of multiple craniofacial osteomas and is associated with excellent cosmetic outcomes and no neurovascular complications. 

To read the full article:bit.ly/2Nn6hbC