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So Dam Yang, Seonghye Shin, Jiyoon Lee

YVOIRE Classic s (YC) and Restylane (RES) have similar rheological properties, which suit mid-dermis injection, while the rheological properties of YVOIRE Volume s (YV) are comparable to those of Perlane (PER), which suit deep dermis injection to treat deep wrinkles. Two similarly designed studies aimed to evaluate the performance and safety of YC and YV injected into the nasolabial folds (NLFs).

These were split-face designed, evaluator-blind, noninferiority studies. Fifty-eight subjects with moderate-to-severe NLFs were enrolled in the first study and treated with YC and RES, and 57 subjects were enrolled in the second study and treated with YV and PER. The Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale ranged from 1 (no visible fold) to 5 (extremely deep and long folds), and subject satisfaction was evaluated.

The least squares mean Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale scores (standard error) at week 26 were 2.56 (0.09) for both YC- and RES-treated NLFs and 2.89 (0.08) and 2.91 (0.08) for YV- and PER-treated NLFs, respectively. The difference between the groups was 0 and 0.02, and the lower limit of its 95% confidence interval was −0.0725 and −0.0125, which was greater than the predefined margin (−0.29), proving the noninferiority of YC and YV to RES and PER, respectively. The safety profiles and subject satisfaction of YC and YV were similar to those of RES and PER, respectively.

YC is comparable to RES and YV is comparable to PER in terms of performance and safety profiles, with NLF-correcting effects lasting for up to 26 weeks.



To read the full article: bit.ly/38UGmQT

doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000002975