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Jun Ho Park, Hak Chang

The treatment of keloids is both challenging and controversial. Until now, there is no definitive treatment modality for keloids. To determine the efficacy and safety of an intralesional cocktail therapy, including bleomycin compared to corticosteroid injection method on the treatment of keloid scars.
A retrospective chart review was performed for 35 patients diagnosed with keloids. The cocktail therapy regimen consisted of bleomycin, 1% lidocaine, verapamil, and triamcinolone, which was further diluted with 1 mL of normal saline. In group B, 1mL of triamcinolone acetonide was injected into the lesion. Results for a total of 35 patients included in this study were evaluated according to their therapeutic responses and complications six months after the last session.
Analyzing the outcomes of the patients treated with a cocktail regimen (group A), it was found that 87% showed favorable therapeutic responses (scar thickness <50%). In group B, 58% of patients showed favorable therapeutic responses. No major complications were observed in both groups.
High therapeutic response rates without major complications were identified in this study, suggesting that cocktail therapy with bleomycin can be considered a safe and effective treatment modality for keloid scars.

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