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Ruben T.Adamyan, Armais A.Kamalov, Misak M.Ehoyan, Olesya I.Starceva, Eduard N.Urshevich, Mikhail Y.Sinelnikov

Correction of male urogenital pathology of different severity is complicated by the anatomical aspects of the penis. Skin texture, internal structures, and perfusion dynamics of the urogenital area make it a difficult area to reconstruct. We provide our experience with axial scrotal flaps for correction of penile defects of different severity and believe that these local flaps offer sufficient tissue characteristics for proper restoration of this complex region.

Forty-eight patients were divided into 3 groups depending on penile defect genesis and severity. Axial scrotal flap reconstruction was used for the correction of defects in all cases, when necessary in combination with other flaps.

Axial scrotal flaps for total and subtotal penile reconstruction serve as valuable material for reconstruction of the urogenital area, and are to be combined with other flaps for restoration of bulk tissues. Localized defects of the penis and urethra reconstructed by axial scrotal flaps provide excellent aesthetic results with minimal scaring, stable perfusion dynamics, and high satisfaction rate.

Scrotal tissues provide an excellent reconstruction material for penile defects because of their highly similar tissue structure as that of the penis. Scrotal axial flaps do not provide excess bulking in the postoperative period and are recommended for reconstruction of urethral and localized penile defects. Multistage surgery is recommended in cases of severe tissue damage, in combination with other flaps (inguinal, thoracodorsal, and radial).



To read the full article: bit.ly/39Iz8yr

doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000002948