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Medical Articles

Behruz Barati, Mahboobe Asadi, Fatemeh Jahanshahi

Augmentation of facial components is an acceptable approach in facial aesthetics. The best filler material and the optimal technique for facial soft tissue augmentation still remain to be determined. This study has assessed the lip augmentation using post-auricular fibroareolar tissue as a new autogenous filler.
This prospective study enrolled patients who were candidate for lip augmentation. Loose fibroareolar tissue was harvested from post-auricular region and was inserted in the prepared lip pocket. Standard digital photography was used for lip analysis in each patient before and 6 months after surgery (the height and projection of the upper lip and lower lip).
At a mean follow-up period of 6 months, average upper and lower lip height increased from 5.27 to 8.72 mm (p<0.001), and the average upper and lower lip projection increased from 3.97 to 7.75 mm (p<0.001).
Our technique was minimally invasive and a safe method, in which post-auricular loose fibroareolar tissue was applied for lip augmentation with minimum donor site morbidity and long-term results. On the follow-up, all patients were satisfied with the results and no patients required any revision operation. Moreover, the complication rate was negligible. 

To read the full article:bit.ly/2ZKEB3h