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Arian Mowlavi, Armin Talle, Marian Berri, Waleed Rashid

Patients are routinely consulted regarding dislike of their upper and middle back contour and associated back rolls that stick out of their bras. Although patients only associate this fullness with excess fat, on examination it becomes evident that back rolls are due to a combination of excess fat as well as skin redundancy. To date, treatment of both excess skin and fat in back rolls has required consideration of excisional surgery such as an upper body lift.

We present 14 consecutive back contouring cases that were treated with an alternative protocol involving simultaneous ultrasound assisted liposuction and helium activated radiofrequency.

Patients underwent ultrasound assisted liposuction to remove superficial fat over the upper and middle back as well as helium activated radiofrequency to tighten the skin using subdermal coagulation.

All 14 patients visually demonstrated elimination of back rolls and improvement in upper and middle back contour. All 14 patients also reported overall satisfaction in their postoperative follow-ups at 3, 6, and 12-months.

In summary, simultaneous ultrasound assisted liposuction and helium activated radiofrequency provide an effective treatment for patients desiring improvements in upper and middle back contour and elimination of back rolls while avoiding more invasive excisional surgeries. 



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